Chiropractor’s Treatment Results in Debilitating Arthritic Condition

Our client was diagnosed with rheumatory arthritis. She sought holistic treatment by a chiropractor that prescribed many dietary supplements, vitamins and coffee enemas, all in excessive quantities. The doctor told his patient that her body needed to be cleansed with these treatments and incorporated fundamentalist religious principles in his patient care. The doctor discouraged his patient from having traditional medical treatment for her condition. Her condition eventually worsened to the point that she was grossly deformed and could hardly walk due to the rheumatory arthritis.

At that time, she sought medical treatment from a medical doctor and required surgery to correct and treat the effects of the rheumatory arthritis and her original doctor’s failure to treat it with medically recognized therapies.
The patient eventually brought suit against the chiropractor for his inadequate and harmful treatments that were inappropriate and worsened her condition.


A settlement was reached. The terms of the settlement are protected by a confidentiality agreement.