Failure to Recognize Viral Illness Effect on Sickle Cell Disease Resulting in Death of 3-year Old

A boy and his brother were taken to the ER for treatment of high fever. The boy also had vomiting, diarrhea, and tachycardia. The children were seen by a medical student. The boy’s brother had been admitted to same hospital four months before and diagnosed with a form of sickle cell disease known as Hemoglobin SC. The children were discharged after fever control medicine was given to them. The family pediatrician was called and he told the ER to send the boy home. The boy died the next morning because his infectious syndrome led to dehydration, which triggered his blood to sickle and pool in his spleen. He was three years old. His brother was admitted to another hospital the day of the boy’s death and received appropriate treatment and lived.


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