Negligence – Truck Accident

Our client is the wife of a UPS delivery driver. The defendant in this case was a utility company that was transporting and installing new utility poles. The driver for the utility company pulled across the highway and stopped when entering a private drive. The driver allowed the utility pole he was transporting to remain stretched across the highway lanes of traffic. It was nighttime and the utility pole was not lit or attached with any reflective device. Our client’s husband was traveling on the highway and unable to see the utility pole. He clipped the utility pole causing him to loose control of his vehicle. He impacted the gasoline pump at a convenience store and was doused with gasoline which explosively ignited. Our client’s husband suffered significant third degree burns over the majority of his body as well as numerous trauma injuries. He survived three months in intensive care before finally succumbing to his injuries.


This case settled against the negligent truck driver and utility company prior to trial for $6 million.