United States of America v. Howe

Court:United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma
Case No:97-CR-05-C
Plaintiff:United States of America
Defendent:Carol Howe

Commencing in August 1994, Carol Howe entered into a contract with the USA through its agents at the BATF to act as an informant. The BATF agents specifically requested Carol to associate with suspected members of the underground white resistance movement to enable her to witness and record their activities and gather documents, books, papers, propaganda and other materials. BATF agents installed video surveillance equipment in Carol’s home and equipped her with audio recording equipment for her person and telephone. Carol accumulated and provided the BATF with volumes of written materials, numerous audio recordings, videotapes, hand-written notes, maps, diagrams, drugs, and components for the construction of explosive devises. After the Oklahoma City Bombing, and when her name appeared on the witness list for defense inĀ USA v. Timothy McVeigh, Howe was indicted on three counts: conspiracy, possession of materials for making a pipe bomb and willfully making a bomb threat.