High Profile Criminal Defense

Experienced and Respected Criminal Law Attorneys in Oklahoma

Any high profile criminal case is going to be vigorously pursued by prosecutors who are looking to convict prominent individuals in court and in the press. Knowing how to deal with the media, while building a strong criminal defense, is invaluable and requires a law firm that has extensive experience providing high profile criminal defense in the state of Oklahoma.

At the law firm of Brewster & De Angelis, P.L.L.C., in Tulsa, our attorneys are seasoned litigators who are media savvy and understand how to manage cases in a comprehensive fashion. Clark Brewster are the most highly respected defense lawyers in the state and have represented a wide range of prominent individuals in criminal cases.

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Tulsa and Oklahoma City Criminal Defense

Whether it is a case involving a prominent individual, or an alleged crime that has gained prominence, local and national media will quickly seize opportunities to interview suspects. It is important that you and your attorney speak with one voice and have a consistent message about your outlook in the case. Serious mistakes can be made without a lawyer who is experienced with the media.

Our firm has handled high profile criminal cases that include:

  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement and theft
  • Felony drug charges
  • Assault
  • Homicide and other violent crimes
  • Other prominent offenses

We have defended judges, politicians, athletes and other prominent public figures. Attorney Rob Nigh represented Timothy McVeigh after the Oklahoma City bombing. We believe that every one deserves to have their Constitutional rights upheld every step of the way.

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